The SGH foundation – Cyberworld research institute


The SGH foundation – Cyberworld research institute – is a non-profit Swiss foundation.

It is about an independent instrument from forward-looking analysis to contribute to the creation, the valuation, the promotion and to the broadcasting of the knowledge required for the governance and for the strategic control of the risks connected to technosciences and to their impacts on the society (and the alive).

It offers a study framework, analysis and independent debates dedicated to the technological evolutions and to their consequences on court, average and long terms. It has for objective to enlighten, to put in perspective and to stimulate new ideas relative to the governance of the risks and to the security.

It addresses firstly the political and economic decision-makers, the academic circles, the opinion leaders just as the representatives of the civil society.

Opened on the world, it favors the analysis and the forecast on the socioeconomic, political and technical affairs, through an interdisciplinary approach in the service of the common good.

Associating academics and practitioners stemming from various disciplinary fields, the research institute has for mission to realize the studies which are confided to it self, to contribute to the strengthening of the links between the academic studies, the strategic research and the reality of the political, economic and technological practices.

The institute brings its contribution to public debates, supports the radiation of the Swiss strategic thought in the regional and the international plan.