Solange Ghernaouti

The Swiss Cybersecurity Advisory and Research Group (SCARG) is a competencies center created by Professor  Solange Ghernaouti from the  University of Lausanne.

Focused on scientific researches and the academic teaching of the security of the information technologies, SCARG contributes to the development of the institutions and people ‘capacities around the control of cyberrisks, strategic and operational questions about sybersecurity, fight against cybercriminality, cyberdefense and cyberpower.

The group’s expertise lies on a transdisciplinary approach that counts political, economic, managerial, technical and social dimensions of cybersecurity.

Cyberrisk governance & cybersecurity
Cybersecurity strategies and policies
Risk and information security management
ICT security Audit
Complex Cyberrisks
Crisis management and Business continuity
Technical, procedural, organizational and legal measures
Information sharing
Capacity building

Cybercrime investigation
Computer forensics
Policies, procedures, measures, competences
Private / Public cooperation
Digital evidence

National security and public safety
Cyberspace stability and Cyberpeace
Information war and cyberwar
Confidence building measures
National and international collaboration
Interdisciplinary approach


Privacy & Surveillance related issues
Abusive, criminal, conflictual uses and misuses of ICT technologies and infrastructures
Human rights and dignity in cyberspace
Philosophical and cultural challenges
Homo numericus and futur perspectives
Digital ecosystem : policies, technologies , actors,
Impacts of artificial intelligence on cyberscurity

Latest News!

Solange Ghernaouti is named for the second time in the ranking of personalies who make the digital Switzerland (Digital shapers, Bilanz, 2021).

Solange Ghernaouti, in the rank of the 100 who make Switzerland numéric, researchers category – Digital Shapers 2018 – Le Temps – Bilanz 27th September 2018 

Solange Ghernaouti has been elected member of the ONG BoardThe Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime” 

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