Organized Conferences

  • Solange Ghernaouti « Les métiers de la cybersécurité – Numérique et sécurité: l’évolution des métiers« , SATW, University of Lausanne UNIL, the 29th November 2018, Lausanne. Program available here.


  • Conference “Lutte contre la Cybercriminalité”, HEC Lausanne, the 7th November 2014.
    The conference has been organized by Professor S. Ghernaouti in her activities about the dissemination of the European project E-Crime with Swiss and foreign speakers.


  • « Défis de la recherche scientifique en matière de lutte contre la cybercriminalité ». French-Swiss Conference about the fight against cybercriminality « Lutte contre la cybercriminalité : De la recherche scientifique à la réalité du terrain – Regards croisés de scientifiques et de praticiens » organized by Professir S. Ghernaouti at the University of Lausanne the 7th November 2014 during the dissemination activities of the European Project E-crime.




  • evoRISK 2012 ,Solange Ghernaouti is program committee member of evoRISK 2012 – Track on Computational Intelligence for Risk Management, Security and Defence Applications Malaga, Spain, 11th-13th April 2012.


  • « Women in Engineering and Science – Have we come a long way, baby? ». Restaurant Le Casino – Rue du Port 15, Rolle – 3th May 2012.


  • Bougez, vous êtes localisés ! Opportunités et risques de la Géolocalisation Conference-debate, the 8th December 2011 (1.30-6.00 pm), Forum of the Rolex Learning Center – EPFL.
    Organisators: Prof. Solange Ghernaouti-Hélie, HEC, University of Lausanne, Prof. Christine Parent, HEC, Université de Lausanne et Prof. Stefano Spaccapietra, EPFL. This conference-debate explores the different possibilities offered by the technologies of geo-tracking taking the risks and the needs of numerical intimity and the privacy of the personal data. Through a situational analysis  and future perspectives, the speakers will bring technological, juridical, economical, sociological and anthtropological lights, allowing to understand better the challenges and the means to master geo-tracking data and their usages.


  • AINA 2011 Conference – iSeRiM Workshop International Workshop on Information Security and Risk management (iSeRiM 2011) Biopolis, Singapore, March 22th – 25th 2011. In conjunction with AINA 2011 Advanced Information Networking and Applications (Call for papers)


  • Conference-debate « Cybersécurité et Cyberpouvoir: entre maîtrise et incertitudes”. (presentation, program), 5th October 2011.








  • Conference in partnership with Oxand and Bâloise Assurances : “La gestion des risques pour une sécurité raisonnable”, the 5th March 2009, Salle 272, Internef – Université of Lausanne.
  • Conference and public debate: “Dans une société sous surveillance informatique, quel avenir pour notre liberté ?”, the 4th December 2007, Salle 350, Amphimax – University of Lausanne. Visit the program here.

  • Solange Ghernaouti as President of the Equality Commission has organized and participated at the symposium “Attitude Égalité” at the University of Lausanne. Open speach named ”De l’attitude au devoir d’égalité” – 23th November 2007, Lausanne-Dorigny.


  • Under the leadership of Solange Ghernaouti-Hélie, the society Ernst & Young has presented the 9th edition of her research on the security of information systems conducted by directors of more than 1’200 enterprises in 48 countries for the conference named “Achieving Success in a Globalized World – Is Your Way Secure? – “. This conference took place on the 14th June 2017 from 5.00 to 6.00 pm, room 272, Internef – University of Lausanne. During the conference, Ernst & Young has presented the trends identified in strategies and investments to make as well as the continuous improvement fields that need to take place in order to manage the coming risks.


  • Solange Ghernaouti-Hélie has co-organised, for the international day of telecomunications and information society, the international conference named “Cyberadministration et sécurité pour la société de l’information” – 17th May 2007 at Tunis, In parnetship with Ecole Polytechnique de Tunisie, under the auspice of Pr. Lazhar Bououny, Ministre de l’enseignememt supérieur et de la recherche scientifique et de la technologie.


  • S. Ghernaouti-Hélie a made and organized, with the help of misters Tashi, Ribaux and Mrs. Margot, the conference Anthropos “Gestion du risque informatique, cybercriminalité et sécurité pour les organisations: une approche interdisciplinaire de la sécurité de l’information“. Together with the Ecole des Sciences Criminelles of the University of Lausanne, Lausanne, the  28th September 2006.

Presentation of Anthropos conference– September 2006 – Lausanne:

Every technology is risky and is caring criminal potentialities (compromises opportunities, frauds, trickeries, corruption, etc.). Nowadays, internet technologies and the cyberspace became the means of criminality expression. Thus, the impacts of cybercriminality are a major threat for the good execution of the activities, whether it is for individuals, organisations or states. The risks generated by the extensive usage of information technologies and communication are multidimensional and ubiquitous, their control is becoming mandatory and passes through strategical and operational apprehension of information security. This raises the following questions: 

What are the risks and threats that are affecting the information security and the computing and telecoms infrastructures ?

How is the cybercriminality expressed in an information society ? 

What are the juridical means and know-how available to master the computing risk coming from criminal sources ? What are the brakes and limits of the law for the proceedings of computing crimes in Switzerland ? 

What are the limits of the actual cryptographical technics ? Are the actual solutions numerous and effective enough regarding encryption ? 

How quantum physics can guarantee a high security level in communication ? 

How are the organisations collaborating with the instances of justice and polie ? What are the means to collect computing tracks ? 

Quelles sont les contraintes de l’investigation criminelles en milieu informatique ? What are the constraints of the criminal investigation in computer environment ?

What are the role, the importance, the complementarity and the limits of technological and legal approaches that are contributing to reenforce the security level of organizations ? 

De quelle manière la sécurité informatique est liée à la sécurité intérieure ? How is the computer security linked to internal security ? 

Through a multidimensional and integrative approach, this conference promotes the debate around social issues and might allow us to mutually expend from the experiences and the pratics of everyone.


  • S. Ghernaouti-Hélie is general chairwoman of the seconf workshop “Security and Trust Management” STM 2006 from the group ERCIM (European Research Consortium in Informatics and Mathematics) – Hamburg – 20th, 21th September 2006. M. A. Sfaxi has created and managed the workshop’s website.


  • S. Ghernaouti-Hélie, University of Lausanne – Inforge have been partners for the conference « Internet sous haute surveillance » from the 16th June 2006 in Marseilles, organised in partnership with: Le barreau de Marseille, La CEFIM, L’association Euro-Counsels, Le centre de formation des barreaux du Sud-Est.


  • Organisation of the third general meeting of SECOQC – The Core group meeting has been held at HEC Lausanne on the 12th June 2006. The grading of the project, after 2 years of work, by the evaluators of the European Commission took also place at the University of Lausanne.


  • S. Ghernaouti-Hélie has organised a parallel event for the second phase of the World Summit of the Information Society about « Building Confidence in the use of ICT through identity management » – Tunis -November 2005.


  • S. Ghernaouti-Hélie has organised a workshop SECOQC « Quantum cryptography and network protocols » ; 13th October 2005 – Lausanne


  • S. Ghernaouti-Hélie has organised a Workshop SECOQC « Commun Criteria and security certification » ; 27th -28th September 2005 – Lausanne


  • S. Ghernaouti-Hélie has organised the Computing Springtime Academy about « la sécurité informatique et télécom: Une approche pluridisciplinaire – Crans Montana, 28th February – 4th March 2005.


  • S. Ghernaouti-Hélie has co-organised with UNECE (United Nations-Economic Commission for Europe) the workshop “E-security and knowledge Economy” – Geneva UN – 12th February 2003