We, the Women of Switzerland (WoS) are engaged to support any action related to ICT for Dignity in a perspective of sustainable development and solidarity among peoples of the world.

We are convinced of the necessity to fight against:

  • Any discrimination based on gender issues or on sexual orientation;
  • Any kind of cyber violence, in particular against children and women;
  • Offensive and illegal contents, misrepresentation of women, hard pornography, child pornography…;
  • Human trafficking and prostitution facilitated by ICT.

We are convinced of the necessity to:

  • Increase appropriate content and access to ICT infrastructure and services;
  • Develop awareness and educational programs related to ICT and to Equal Opportunity approaches;
  • Foster ICT to sustain and support dignity in cyberspace and in real life;
  • Increase equal opportunity actions through cyberspace and promote equality between women and men in all domains and activities;
  • Reinforce social and economic development of women by ICT.
  • Protect digital privacy, personal data, the right of freedom of movement and of expression through ICT and cyberspace.Full text of the declaration here

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Discours prononcé par Solange Ghernaouti-Hélie lors de la conférence du 8 mars 2011.