Secure Fingerprint version 3 (non-editable web-ready file)The Swiss Cybersecurity Advisory and Research Group (SCARG) is a competence centre created by Professor Ghernaouti of the University of Lausanne. It offers strategic and practical advice, targeted research, and detailed education in a variety of fields related to Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, Cyberdefence, Cyberconflicts, Cyberpower and Cyberresilience.

Drawing upon many years of academic research and publication, of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities, and of consulting work with governmental institutions, international organisations and large corporations, the group’s specific areas of research and expertise include fields related to political, managerial, technical, human and procedural activities.


Solange Ghernaouti

Solange Ghernaouti in numbers:


ICT security governance
Cybersecurity strategies and policies
Risk and information security management
ICT security Audit
Complex Cyberrisks
Crisis management and Business continuity
Technical, procedural, organizational and legal measures

Cybercrime investigation
Computer forensics
Policies, procedures, measures, competences
Private / Public cooperation

National security and public safety
Cyberspace stability and Cyberpeace
Information war and cyberwar
Confidence building measures
National and international collaboration

Privacy issues
Geolocalisation, ICT and services uses and misuses
Human rights and dignity in cyberspace
Philosophical and cultural challenges